Wind it up and GO!

So my old SUV was falling apart.  I was warned at a recent oil change that my exhaust system was “barely hanging on” and that I should get a new exhaust ASAP.  The car had 107,000 miles, so I decided it was best to say my goodbyes and get a new vehicle.  Olivia loved that car, but I had my issues with it…mainly piss poor gas mileage.  Driving 52 miles (as I do weekly to pick up Olivia and drop her off) used almost a half a tank of gas.  Couple that with the occasional date, gym trips, running errands, and work, and I was filling up once a week.  Yeah..spendy.

The new car is certainly nothing flashy.  No Audi or BMW here, it’s just not my style.  I am a practical guy and settled for a decent car (not naming names) at a decent price.  The biggest bonus, other than the car being brand spanking new, is that it gets amazing gas mileage.  I have driven for 9 days on one tank of gas.  I’ve picked up and dropped off Olivia, been back up that way, run my errands, etc., and I still have gas to show for it.  Awesome.  The increased car payment will actually be offset by the gas savings!

Anyway, I just wanted to share that.  More posts to come later today.