Another brick in the wall..

Dave wrote:


I have more of a work related question for you.  My guy friends just laugh at me when I ask for their advice, so I am hoping you can help.  That said, have you heard of a “stink wall”?  It’s when a guy farts while standing at a urinal.  It lingers behind you, out of smell distance, but sometimes other people walk into your stink wall (or you finish peeing only to turn around and walk through your own stink wall).  Any guy should know exactly what I am talking about.

Anyway, I was having a particularly bad digestion day and put up a stink wall while in the men’s room at work when my boss came in and walked right into my stink wall.  It was so bad that despite being in mid-sentence, he stopped talking, coughed, and walked out of the restroom.  I was mortified.

The question is, is this something I should attempt to apologize for?  He hasn’t really talked to me since “the incident”, which has been three days now.


I know what a stink wall is, and you are right in thinking most guys know this too.  I would first wonder what one could eat that would cause a speech-stopping turnaround like that?  Roadkill?  Did your boss experience any other symptoms like watery eyes or a cold sweat?  That’d be worth YouTubing.  I’d also like to know what your other guy friends said when you told them about this.

All in all, I don’t think you need to apologize.  A men’s room is a hotbed of gross and disgusting events.  At work, a men’s room may be a little more refined that the typical bar/stadium/restaurant restroom, but guys are guys.  Burping and farting are in our nature.  Your boss should walk into a men’s room knowing that there is a chance he’ll walk through a stink wall at some point in his life.  Just be careful around the house.  If your wife or girlfriend were to walk into a stink wall like yours, it may qualify as domestic abuse.