Meat shack

Tim K wrote:


I met this girl on Match a few months ago and we’ve been on two dates.  She seems like a cool woman and says she likes talking to me and spending time with me, but I have some issues with her that I need your advice with.  After our initial date, we became “Facebook Friends” and would chat while we were at work.  The first problem is that she posts EVERYTHING about her daily life…even who she is also going on dates with, how attractive they were, how the date went, and even how they (or I) kissed her.  It’s really sickening.

The second problem is that she says she is ready for a relationship and wants to “find love again”, but seems to be dating anyone and everyone who crosses her path.  Also really sickening.  She even bragged about going out for girls’ night with her friends and making out with a random guy.

I am beginning to think that this girl has some bigger issues.  What do you think?

Tim K

Tim, to answer your question, let me just say this.  I am always grossed out by some food vendors at the fair, particularly the ones that just lay all of their meat out in trays for people to just grab after they’ve paid.  This girl seems to just be shoving her meat out there in the same fashion.  The fact that she says she’s looking for a relationship, but is posting every detail of who she goes out with says that she is more looking for approval of someone she is friends with rather than seeking true connections.  She may also be doing this because she wants guys to compete for her (which is both immature and just plain lame).  I think you are totally right with thinking she has bigger issues here.  Either she’s still in a relationship and is finding a way out, she doesn’t really know what a healthy relationship is, or she hasn’t matured emotionally yet.  In any of these cases, I think it’s time you move on.  This will only end badly if you keep pursuing her.