I could use somebody. Someone like you.

Occasionally people enter your life and you wonder where you were without them.  If they leave, you wonder what you’ll do from that point on.  Whether it’s the thrill of your heart’s party or the sadness in the removal of something beautiful, it’s all a part of life.

I’ve been listening to two bands lately.  Both bands are at both ends of that spectrum.  Let’s start with the party…and Holy Lord, what a party it is.  Foxy Shazam is a band from Ohio.  I cannot for the life of me think of one good thing Ohio has brought us (other than Callahan Auto Parts as a fictitious business for the movie Tommy Boy) that is, until tonight.  Foxy Shazam is part Shakira, part Queen, part Meatloaf, and all glam rock.  Their new album is in stores on April 13th and I am buying it.  Those of you that know me will know what a rarity that is.

Check out this video.

I just had an eargasm.

Now on to the downer.  It’s not a total downer, but it’s heartfelt rock from two artists.

Laura Jansen is an amazing artist who is just gaining fame here in the US after covering Kings of Leon’s “Use Somebody”.  Check it out and tell me it’s not a MUCh more depressing version.  Her album Bells is in stores now.

The second is a band called The Autumn Film with their song “Mended.”  Wow, what a song it is.  This band is everything I expected A Fine Frenzy to be.  Their new album hit stores this March and it is absolutely amazing.  Emotion drenched piano rock at its best.  An excerpt from Last.fm says it best :

 “Here are songs to break down to and be lifted by. It is melancholia that does not fill a space as much as consume it. There is a lack of subtlety to the lyric… But this isn’t about being coy. This is about the naked moments of familiar lovers who know each other too well to bother with aloof or witty. In those moments, the only things that will do are patience and honesty, and the Autumn Film doesn’t know any other way.”

Exactly.  This isn’t “tear out your heart” sad rock.  This is “come at me with all you have, my heart is my weapon of choice” rock.  That’s not a lyric..that’s just how I feel when I hear this song:

It’s not their official video, but dammit, it’s a great song.