Greta’s letter

Greta wrote:

I love your blog Sean, and I love that you are selling merchandise for a good cause.  I checked out the charitys’ site too and THAT’s a great idea too!

I am writing also for some advice.  I am relatively new to the US and my English is improving, but it is not where I feel comfortable in dating and having a conversation.  I can type things, because I can use spell check and things, but in speaking, I am not so good.  If you are going to ask if I am in school, I am.  I am working hard for a degree and to improve my language skills.  How does someone that is not so good at speaking English go about meeting someone?


Well Greta, it seems like you’re taking the right steps to ensure that there will be fewer communication issues with people you talk with, and that’s a great thing.  As far as how to meet someone, I’d recommend the online dating world.  It’s a great way to first get to know someone by emailing, and it will give you time to explain that your written vocabulary is better than spoken.  Hopefully you can find someone that is understanding of the situation and is willing to work on communicating.  After all, communication is the foundation of any good relationship.