Chris’s letter..

Chris wrote:

I was reading back in one of your posts and you mentioned the climbing AIDS rate with african-americans.  It really struck a chord because I am realizing that I am afraid to date african-american women because of that exact statistic.  It’s not your post, it’s a statistic that’s been out there for awhile.  I have had many chances, and have been approached on several occasions, but I am so afraid that they may have contracted AIDS, that I just find a way to say no.  What do you think of this?  I am smart for being safe right?


While African-American AIDS cases were 40% higher than any other race’s in 2007, and make up about 41% of AIDS cases in the US, I think you should avoid generalizing someone based upon their entore race’s statistics.  There are people who are sex-stupid as I callit, they’ll have sex with anyone and don’t ever get tested because their motto is, “If I get it, then I don’t really care who else does,” but just as with any race, there are people who are sexually responsible and use protection, get to know people they have sex with and test themselves regularly. 

It’s not about race anymore Chris.  It’s about just making good decisions.  When was the last time YOU were tested?  If people are “approaching” you, did you mean for just sex or do you mean to ask you out?  If it’s just sex, you need to rethink your own safety here if you’re having sex with random people, but if you’re dating, that’s your chance to have these conversations before exual activity.

The MN AIDS walk is May 16th.  I encourage everyone to walk and show their support for AIDS Awareness.  It’s a great way to get out and meet people as well as gain some more knowledge on AIDS.  Google it and go.  I hope to see you there.