Spring ’10 Restaurant Review #1

As I’ve stated in the past, I feel that food and memorable experiences go hand in hand.  I love good food and good experiences, so my goal of these reviews is to introduce people to places to help them discover new destinations and create new memories.  After places like Kona Grill and Lo Sole Mio in Omaha, Azia, Seven and Moto-I last year, I am focusing on a new batch of places to eat, drink, and be merry.

The first of 2010 is Birchwood Cafe.  Located in the beautiful Seward neighborhood, Birchwood has been increasing in popularity since opening in 1995.  The once-grocery- store-turned-amazing-eatery has it’s general philosophy printed right above the door.  It reads “Good Real Food” and boy is it good.

Their website says it best:

At the Birchwood, we create fresh, unique food with down-home appeal. We source local, sustainable, organic and fair trade ingredients whenever possible to lovingly handcraft a variety of vegan, vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. We take care to know the land, the animals and the people we work with are treated with respect.  Not only does the food taste better, you’ll feel better making the choice for a cleaner, healthier, more humane, and of course, tastier world. And we do it with style! From Vegan Sweet Potato Millet Cakes to Wild Acres Smoked Chicken Spanakopita with Kiwi Orvieto Sauce, we put a spin on food you thought you knew.  We offer breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, and desserts – as well as recipes. Click on your wildest culinary desire and see what the Birchwood menus have in store for you. The word is out about the best kept secret in the Twin Cities.”

I had a mind-blowing turkey burger and a beer.  BUT..not just any old beer, because Birchwood also has an excellent selection of tap and bottled beers.  I could have spent all night trying new beers, but alas, I didn’t feel like wandering around Seward trying to find my car keys at three in the morning.  Luckily they aren’t open that late.

I had one of my favorites:  Delerium Tremens.  I’d only had it on tap up to this point and quickly discovered that Delerium also comes in REALLY cool hand painted bottles!  No wonder it’s so damn expensive!

Birchwood also serves Izzy’s ice cream.  Practically all Minnesotans know that Izzy’s has some of the best ice cream ever created, and Birchwood and Izzy’s are a perfect combination.  Over at Izzy’s, they also use Birchwood’s Key Lime pie in their Key Lime ice cream!  If ice cream isn’t your thing, they also have a large selection of pies and other sweet treats.  I was drawn to the delicious looking bread pudding.  I would have had some, but I was actually intent on getting Izzy’s.

More info, and their address and hours can be found here.  Check out Birchwood the next time you’re in Minneapolis.  Then, go for a walk along the river and make a day of it.