This guy is a total warned.

Gregg (yes with TWO wonderful G’s) wrote:


F*ck you for telling that Jackson guy off.  I think you couldn’t have been more wrong.  I think he SHOULD leave his wife because:  If he wants kids and she can’t give him any, how is he expected to give up his dreams of being a father just because his wife is barren?  Hell, if my wife even gets out of shape I’d be on her to shape up or get out.  If Jackson’s wife isn’t pulling her weight, I’d be telling him to tell his wife where the front door is, then finding someone that meets all of his criteria.


Congratulations Gregg!  You are now the biggest douchebag to ever write in.  I don’t even know where to begin telling you off, so for the sake of time, I’ll start at the bottom and work my way up.

Criteria?  This isn’t a grocery list man.  “She’s gotta have eggs..”  Yes, people have certain things they look for and certain qualities they find attractive, but that’s all up front.  That’s the clear coat on the car.  You’ve got to be okay with the interior too, and it looks like you’re the type that just stares at the headlights and bumper then wants a ride.

Pulling her weight?  Wife gets out of shape?  Your wife must be proud.  If you are taking the step and marrying someone, you should be doing it with the mindset that it’s forever.  By that point you should have weighed every option, gotten over every insecurity, picked apart anything about them that bothers you, and be happy with knowing that you’ll be with that person for the rest of your life.  Yes, attraction can decline if someone packs on 30-40 pounds and gives up on personal hygiene, but it should be an open discussion at that point..not criticism or demands, to figure out things on a health basis.  As far as the pulling weight comment, marriage is NOT 50/50.  It’s not.  Everyone needs to give 100% and give it 100% of the time.  There will be tests and there will be conflict, but there will also be love and happiness.  See things long term and agree that both people will give 100%.

Give up his dreams of having children?  It’s called adoption, assface.  Look it up.  It’s been happening in America for decades, and it’s a great way for people that can’t give birth to children to be able to have them.  There are also other options.  He isn’t giving up his dream, but he needs to realize that his dream may have to be changed to make way for reality.

Me wrong?  I’m not always right and I don’t make any attempt to say that I am.  I give advice and I am more than willing to get feedback from people that can be open minded about things.  You, however, don’t seem to be the open-minded type.

By the way, you didn’t use very many big words in your letter and yet I almost melted my computer spell checking your letter.  I suggest you educate yourself a little further before you decide to make your next point.  I am sure your wife would benefit from you “gettin’ smarts” as well.



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  1. Well done Sean…. This guy CLEARLY has major issues and is a complete CHILD and has no idea what true love and marriage really is. Bravo. Your a prince compared to this fool.

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