Pop goes the world.

Gre198 wrote:

I read your earlier stuff about being healthy and I’ve committed myself to doing the same thing.  My first step is giving up pop.  How do you suggest I do that?  If I go through the morning without caffeine, I’ll die of a headache, I just know it.  How is your healthy quest going, by the way?



Thanks for writing!  I would suggest giving up pop by slowly decreasing your intake on a DAILY basis.  Choose water whenever possible, and if caffeine withdrawal is a concern, there are many varieties of powered drink mixes (with caffeine) that you can easily mix with water and slowly bring your caffeine intake back to a normal level.  Crystal Light even makes several flavors that contain caffeine.

Your body not only gets addicted to caffeine, but with enough pop, your body becomes addicted to the sugar rush that high fructose corn syrup gives the body.  It throws your whole body for a loop-making your body like a heroin addict constantly wanting more.  You may suffer slight headaches or some fatigue by giving up cold turkey, so it’s best to decline things on a daily basis until you’ve gotten rid of pop in your diet.  Keep in mind though, high fructose corn syrup is in things other than pop, so make sure you try to eliminate those foods and swap them out for foods with natural sugars as well.  Cutting down on unnecessary sugars in your diet can also translate to a slimmer waistline as well, but don’t force yourself into a diet or eating routine that you hate.  Weight loss should be enjoyable.

As far as my fitness quest goes, I am still improving on a daily basis.  I’ve changed my routine again and have noticed some really great results.  If work schedules don’t interfere, I’ll also be running in some 5k races this summer.  I’m loving my energy levels and have made a commitment to continue living a healthy lifestyle.