I have this scar on my wrist.  Two scars actually..just merged into one.  It doesn’t stick up on my skin, it isn’t deep red or even longer than an inch, but it’s there.  I see it every day.  I also have a scar on my forehead thanks to being hit with a 9 iron by my friend when I was 8.  I see that one every day as well, but it doesn’t affect me the same way.

When I was in my early college years, I dated a woman that was embarrassed of my scar and made me wear a watch to cover it.  Even if I wore long sleeves, she’d ask my to put a watch over the scar because she thought it was gross.  We never really fought about it (because the last thing I wanted at that time was another fight with her) so I gave in to her insecurities and wore this watch she gave me for Christmas.  I hated that watch.  It stood for everything I didn’t like about the relationship.  Years later, when I finally escaped the relationship, I threw the watch away and began to  go with a “naked wrist”.  It was uncomfortable at first-I wore long sleeves until I knew people wouldn’t care, but gradually, I weaned myself into short sleeves.  It was liberating knowing I had a scar that I could talk about.  People sometimes ask me what it’s from and I tell them now.  I don’t have anything to hide.

We all have scars really.  Some are physical, some are emotional.  If we keep them hidden and don’t share ourselves, the scars (whether emotional or physical) become like wounds.  They begin to hurt who we really are..they change us…they can make us sick and miserable people. 

By liberating ourselves and revealing our scars to the world, we can talk about the stories behind them.  Then, through those stories, share more about who we really are.  Naked wrist, naked forehead, naked’s all worth revealing. 



2 thoughts on “Scars

  1. I think there is absolutely nothing shameful about scars, on the contrary they are little imperfections with a great story to tell behind them! It gives people character, and they stay on their skin as if to remind them that hey, I’ve been through some things, and they were cool and I survived them, and am proud of them.

    Scars contribute to making people unique. I also think scars are hot 🙂

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