A hairy henderson..

FPT5178 wrote:

I have an issue.  I just started dating this woman who is absolutely gorgeous and a wonderful person.  We’ve been seeing each other for three months and finally got physical last night, and that’s when things went wrong.  This woman, as weird as this may sound, has a hairy ass.  Before you ask, it’s not a former guy, it’s a full fledged girl with original parts, just an added feature of a hairy ass.  Now I know everyone has tiny hairs all over their body, but this is longer than that and dark.  It totally put me off of the mood and I ended up making excuses as to why the sensual moment went south.  I don’t want to hurt her feelings but how do I tell her that her backside is a downside?



I think you’re in a tough situation, but if you approach this with tact, you may be able to remedy things.  Chances are, this is something she is sensitive about, so she may have been too embarrassed to try to fix it herself.  However, there are many remedies out there ranging from Nair all the way to laser hair removal.  I am assuming you aren’t going to be a prick and leave her over this?  You didn’t mention that in your email, so let’s assume you are staying with this woman you like so much.

Just talk with her.  Bring it gently into conversation, and let her know that you at least know.  Don’t tell her it grosses you out or anything along those lines, just find out if it’s something she is dealing with or if she is okay with it, then go from there.  Again, the key here is tactfully approaching the situation.  Saying something like, “So I see you have an ass like a chimp..” would NOT be a good conversation starter.  Good luck.