Dominic wrote:


I really like your honesty and straightforward approach when giving advice, so I am hoping you can help me as well. 

I have relationship issues.  I enter these relationships with beautiful, attractive and fun women-then destroy things once emotions enter the picture.  It’s almost like once she starts caring, I press the self-destruct button.  I was hurt in a relationship almost a decade ago, but I don’t think it could have that long lasting of an effect could it?


You’d be surprised at how long relationships can have an effect on how we act in subsequent relationships.  It sounds as if you has some issues from that past relationship that are causing you to fear investing your emotions.  Rather than feel, you do what you can to push women away so you don’t have to risk being hurt.  It’s easy to do, but often leads to a lonely existence. 

I’d recommend seeing a therapist for these issues.  You’d be surprised at what a little therapy would do.

I hope it works out.