Nexus in Texas (written 5-19)

So I was going to write a restaurant review here on my trip in Texas, but with just one meal left (lunch tomorrow), I don’t think I’ll have a chance to do so. So far I’ve come to realize that if it’s not fried, fatty, or covered in cheese, it’s not Texas food.  This was a nasty artery clogging trip.

The first day, my group decided to hit up Whataburger. After phenominally bad customer service, we were treated to equally bad food. Whataburger? No thanks.

For dinner, we hit Texas Roadhouse. Not a bad place, but they are a chain and not at all unique. 90% of the menu is fried or coated with cheese too, which also sucks, but they have Shiner Bock beer, which blew my mind.  It’s hands down, the best beer in Texas.

Lunch today was Jason’s Deli (my group likes chain places) and while it was the healthiest thing I’ve had so far, it wasn’t at all memorable.

Dinner was memorable however, and memorable simply for the horrible food. Fat Cats is a “cajun style” restaurant across from our motel. I guess to Fat Cats, “cajun style” means it just has the word cajun in the food name. The cajun experience ends there. Our group was too big for them to pull the 40 empty tables in the place together, so all 17 of us had to sit in their party room that smelled like “stripper grandma”. Ugh. The menu does a great job of promoting a good cajun experience by tossing out French names and cajun slogans, but when I got my food I wondered if Fat Cats just saw the movie Waterboy and thought that must be what cajun food was really like.  My shrimp dish was shrimp, rice, cheez whiz, and a shake of nutmeg (for color). I coated the damn thing in their house spicy sauce and it tasted like cheesy ketchup.

I powered my way through half, sat and waited for everyone to also become grossly sickened by their meals, and we split.

By the way, I am in a dry county here in TX..there isn’t even a liquor store to wash this taste out of my mouth, so I find myself sitting here, back at Texas Roadhouse, drinking a Shiner. The people here are friendly, both bartenders have told me all about Tyler and what they plan on doing for vacation this year as well.  Some guy even offered to drive me 40 miles to get some alcohol, but I am not up for drugged anal rape tonight, so I declined.  I’ll be honest, Texas just doesn’t hold a candle to MN. You can keep your longhorns, I can’t wait to fly the hell home. Thanks for the good beer.

5-20 Update-  The last place we ate was Jack in The Box.  Restaurant review=fail.

Here are a few more pics: