Restaurant review 2010 #2

So I had my birthday party at the Local in Minneapolis and I have to say that it is one of the coolest establishments for a good social gathering that I’ve even been a part of.  I have some pictures below (I had to stop taking pictures about half way through the night because my guests had bought me a fair share of birthday drinks), but I think you’ll get the idea.

When planning my party this year, I wanted something different than in year’s past.  I’d always been a fan of The Local’s beer choices and Big Ginger whiskey drinks, so I decided to contact them to see what my options were.  Jessie, Whitney and the events staff were really easy to work with, but maintained constant contact to help me answer any questions that came up. 

When I got to the room on my birthday evening, it was much larger than I’d expected and it had it’s own TV for the room, individual heat controls and lighting, and they even pulled in some high top tables to allow for better socializing.  Shannon and Caleb were our serving staff and they were on the ball.  The party started off with just a handful of people, so Caleb was relieved for the evening, but Shannon handled the entire crowd like a pro once things picked up.

Some of us ordered some delicious food from the menu as well.  BBQ pork sliders and sweet potato and bleu cheese stuffed mushrooms were incredible, and go well with an Irish Wolfhound (let’s just say these drinks are like a slightly fizzy chocolate bar in a glass..and dangerously delicious). 

Now on to the pictures:This is the entry to the Local at 931 Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.  The patio was so full that I couldn’t get a wider shot without standing on someone’s table.  With a patio that size, I could definitely see why it was busy. 

This is one of the seating areas just inside the door.  I really loved the wood and glasswork.  Just one of the many small details that went into making such a great establishment.

One of the sides of the bar.  An impressive sight indeed.  Notice the several different types of Jameson.  The Local has served more Jameson volume than anywhere in the whole world 3 years in a row. 

This was The Hollow, my party room.  I am standing on the stage at one end and taking a picture looking toward the rear.  My servers were just getting set up.  The lights were still dimmed from a previous party, but we turned them up as the night went on.

The glass above the entry as you exit the building.  THANK YOU to everyone at the Local for being so wonderful.

The Kissing Room.  Once a broom closet, now a quiet hideaway for sharing a romantic interlude.

The menu.  I am getting hungry again just looking at this picture.  The Local has some incredible food.

I like my beers, and The Local has a great selection.