You’re not my father clarification..

Sarah Q.  We have some questions for you.  Some people think I was incorrect in my advice from your letter.  I’d like to ask you the following:

1.  Are you telling the guys you date the “who-what-where-when” part?  Are you leaving that out?  Are you refusing to answer those questions?  (I got the feeling you were refusing to answer those questions in a sort of, “You’re not my father” type of way.)

2.  How do you feel it’s rude to answer your phone while hanging with someone else?

3.   If you ARE telling the BF who you’re going out with, do they just call because they don’t like who you’re with?

4.  Would you answer the phone for anyone else BUT your BF, or are all calls ignored?

5.  When I mentioned in my advice that maybe it was because you were hiding something, have you done anything that would make the men you date think you WERE hiding something?  Have you cheated on these guys?

6.  When you say dating, do you mean boyfriend/girlfriend?  I know my terms are different than some..

Get back to me when you can.