Kissing a few frogs..

Anonymous writes:


I don’t know if it’s me, but I can’t find any good kissers.  It seems that everyone I kiss doesn’t kiss the right way and it makes me nauseous.  I guess my question is twofold:  1) Is there a standard of a good kiss?  2) How can I help someone kiss that way without upsetting them?


Oof, tough question Anonymous,

I don’t feel there is a “standard” for kisses.  I know personally I don’t really like it when someone is all tongue.  I have been told my lips are “kissing lips” and I like to use them.  All tongue people make me feel like they’re trying to taste what I had for lunch.  Nasty (for me)..others may like that though.

If someone doesn’t kiss like you’d like, try to guide them.  I know, it’s harder than it sounds, but a few good kisses from you and they may learn to adapt.  If they don’t, just have a simple conversation, but try it while kissing them at the same time.  It’ll go over much better in the heat of the moment.

If you’re finding that no one kisses like you do, it may be you.  Ask your friends how they kiss.  You may discover a few things.