Random weekend happenings

This was a really good weekend.  I got hailed on, was in an awful storm, and am really sore, but here are some other random things that happened.

I went for coffee and had a conversation with a wonderfully intellectual individual.

I went and showed my support for the gay and lesbian community at the Pride Festival. 

I played football and may have accidentally broken a guy’s nose.  That’s right, someone ELSE got hurt this time.  I feel bad and hope he gets better.

I spent time with people I hope to see again soon. 

I ate an incredible hamburger and drank beer that tastes like cherry pie.

I got a picture from my friends Kris and Amy in Omaha with some new places to check out the next time I get down there.

I got Olivia back today and updated her Ipod with fresh stuff.  Mgmt, Jonas Brothers, and a ton of new music for her to rock out to. 

I got a damn sunburn.

All of this since Friday.  Next week is a long weekend.  What will it bring?  What about the weekend after that?  Time will tell.  More new blog posts soon!