I’ve got tunes, that jingo JANGO jingo…

I’d like to tell you about Jango.com.  It’s pretty awesome and I am pretty much addicted to it, so I thought I’d share it with you.

Jango is a site in which you can create music playlists (kind of like IMEEM was) and have a constantly changing and evolving music playlist of the music YOU want to hear (so no sitting through crappy Akon songs unless you want that), with minimal interruption.  The greatest part of Jango is when you search for an artist, it will also give you a similar artist lineup that you can also explore and add to your playlist, thereby INCREASING your musical universe!

I know what you’re saying.  You’re saying, “But Sean, I’m just a Pandora user, how does this affect me?”  (Or you’re saying, “How did I get that popsicle in my sock drawer?”..but there is no helping you people)  Pandora is great but Jango is easier to use and the “similar artist” recommendations are much closer to being actually similar artists.  You won’t get the Jack Johnson to Metallica jumps like Pandora does from time to time.

Check it out.  I think you’ll like it.  Jango is here.