BMX vs Honda Civic

Nathan wrote:


I just joined a dating site, but I seem to find a TON of women that are just looking for friendship on a dating site, what’s up with that?  Why would you join a dating site to find friends?  I think it’s like false advertising.  What’s your take?



I feel your pain.  Despite the number of people out there that may be thinking, “Well, you have to find friendship before a relationship..I don’t see what the big deal is..”, I feel that searching a dating friendship is like racing a BMX bike against a Honda Civic. Yes, they move forward, but they are two totally different vehicles and go two totally different speeds.  The same goes with dating and friendships.  Dating sites are for people to use for dating and relationships, and yes, friendship is important, but it’s up to the user to define exactly what they are looking for (i.e., “I am looking to form a solid friendship with the person I date..”) from a relationship.  I cannot agree enough that those people strictly looking for friendship should stay away from dating sites.  It is just not the right venue for that.

There should be a site besides Craigslist for finding friendship.  I am sure all martian transvestites with webbed toes need friends too, so I am glad Craigslist is there, but shouldn’t there be a friend making site?  Is there one?  Facebook works, but people are always so protective and stuck in their little circles.

Anyway,  someone that wants to be rich should invent that.  I don’t want any emails saying “” is already there.  That’s worse than Craigslist.  Eesh.  Better yet, people should just be more comfortable making friends with strangers.  It’s much easier that it seems, and much safer than finding friendship online.