Two things..

I am working on two more posts for tomorrow and just thought I’d post some random stuff while waiting for a response from Lynn (one of the two posts). 

1.  I saw the movie All About Steve tonight.  I cannot stand Sandra Bullock movies for the most part.  The Proposal has so far been the only movie I liked her in..and don’t say I have to watch Blindside.  I am not a sports should know this.  Varsity Blues is hands down my favorite sports movie.  Anyway, I really liked All About Steve.  It was not HAHAHA funny..just charmingly funny.  Watch it and let me know what you think.


2.  I am becoming increasingly annoyed by the number of people who feel the need to back into a parking spot.  Why is there a need to do this?  Are you in THAT big of a hurry to leave Target?  Did you buy your pack of Trojans and 3.2 beer and have to hurry home to the wife?  You are freaks.  I hate to say this, but the rest of the world is not going to cave to the 10% of the population that hasn’t figured out how to park the right way.  Your driver’s ed teacher would be sad if he could see you now.