Birthday Love

Noelle wrote:


I am a Valentine’s Baby, meaning I was born on Valentine’s Day.  As a result, people either choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with me..or my birthday.  I hate it.  I absolutely hate combo birthdays.  Even my friends and especially family, do it!  How do I go about explaining to them that it’s inconsiderate without seeming like a bitch?  I don’t combine their birthday with  the closest holiday, so I don’t think those of us with holiday birthdays should have to suffer.



I don’t have a combo birthday (unless you count Kamehameha Day, an official holiday of Hawaii), so I can ‘t understand how it must suck to have people combine gifts for you.  I totally agree with you though and feel that combining gifts for those with holiday birthdays is an easy way out of celebrating both the holiday and the birthday.  My family has a ton of March and June birthdays.  I am broke those two months and Christmas, but I suck it up and make sure celebration of the person’s birthday is always done.  For those friends I have who have birthdays falling on holidays, I am also diligent about celebrating both.

I’d have a talk with family and friends and explain that you don’t feel it’s very respectful to combine birthdays and holidays because it’s taking meaning away from both.  Ask them to respect your wishes because you celebrate both events in their life and you deserve to have both celebrated in yours.  It’s not a gift thing (I hope), it is just about recognizing the importance of both things.

Good luck.