Kings and queens

Anonymous wrote:

I really like your blog Sean and I am happy it’s doing as well as it is.  I have an interesting situation-well, for me anyway.  I am in high school and have had problems with dating.  I am in the “popular” crowd and all of my friends have boyfriends in the popular crowd, but I was never interested in those guys (they make your description of douchebags look like studs), so I started dating this guy who is kind of a middle of the road guy.  He’s handsome, has a good head on his shoulders, great friends, and is a wonderful guy, but my friends won’t let him spend time with us because he isn’t popular.  They ridicule him and make fun of him until he gets frustrated and leaves.  I really like this guy, but I don’t want to upset my friends.  What do I do?



Popularity doesn’t last past high school.  Those that think image and popularity matter past high school never really find happiness because they’re always searching for acceptance.  You like this guy and your friends are being mean to him, which says to me that they aren’t true friends.  If this is a good guy, true friends would be kind to him because he was someone you liked, not dislike him because he isn’t “popular”.  Kings and queens of the social scene don’t have a kingdom past graduation.

It’s up to you now.  Decide what matters more, your friends who aren’t being true friends, or a really good guy you care about.