Glory days

Annie wrote:

I love you blog Sean.  Just an FYI, I am also sharing it with my friends, so I hope this really becomes something big for you!  Anyway, I have a problem that I am looking for advice with:  My friend Michelle seems to think that the “best days of her life” are full of clubs, parties, drinking, and things like that.  I keep telling her that marriage, family, and getting older will be even better but she seems to think that that is when things decline.  How do I make her see that this superficial party crap is just meaningless…crap?



Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out why people think their party days are the best.  For some, it’s because it’s an escape from everyday life.  By partying, they feel popular, glamorous, and accepted (things they normally don’t feel in life).  For others, it’s just a break from the “mundane” parts of every day life.  I am sure that there are many other reasons as to why someone would think the party years are the best part of their life, but I personally can’t relate.

Do I want to spend every weekend partying on a boat on a lake?  Hell no.  Do I want to spend every weekend locked in a club with pulsating beats and flashing lights?  No (..for those of you wondering, I don’t dance so don’t even try to picture it..).  Do I want to get hammered three nights a week?  No. Now, am I saying that I wouldn’t do some of these activities from time to time?  Of course not..but everything is best enjoyed in moderation.  The party years should be the same principal.  Enjoy them, then move on and enjoy the next stage in life.

It does get better after the party years.


Note:  Bonus points for anyone that gets me to dance.