.."As a professional trainer, guys, I'm a little worried about your triceps. i mean you guys are going all the week out and it's called full extention. And i'm not seeing it."

Editor’s Note:  The picture above is not Anonymous from the letter below.  This is “Craig” from the movie Night at the Roxbury… simply what I feel Anonymous looks like.

Anonymous wrote:

It’s nice to see someone else taking charge of being fit and healthy in their life.  I’ve gotta ask though, are you sick and tired of seeing the increasingly fat women on dating sites like I am?  It’s like they think that if they just fake bake, slap on a ton of make up, and take their picture at a funky angle that guys will find them hot.  Idiots!  Do they not even think about what horror is running through the guy’s mind when he shows up on a date and realizes she’s a hippo?  Not to mention the disappointment when the guy realizes he’s been lied to..  It’s crazy.  Why don’t women realize guys like them thin and in shape?

Sorry, had to vent.


You’re an assbag anonymous.  I am sure men that feel lied to about these things would be disappointed, but most men in their right mind are going to take time to get to know someone they are interested in before deciding to meet them on a date.  If you get to know someone by phone or email and you feel it isn’t going to work, then no harm has been done.  If you rush the first date and realize she isn’t “your type”, I can see where you may be disappointed-but it’s YOUR fault, not theirs.   Some women do what they can to stay in shape, others try, and others don’t.  Instead of calling them fat or getting upset that YOU feel deceived, maybe you should have just taken the time to get to know them before asking them out.  If you feel a picture may be deceiving, ask politely for another.  If you have a strict guideline on how fit someone you date may be, put it in your profile and make it known up front…and I know it may be hard, but try to do it tactfully.

To your second point, I know plenty of women that aren’t what you may consider “thin and in shape”, but they are absolutely beautiful women.  To me, as long as the woman is making an attempt to be somewhat healthy, it’s a big deal.  I wouldn’t date a woman that starves herself or is always trying the latest extreme diet.  I’d just want her healthy and happy.  No one is perfect.  No one.  I am sure there are many other guys that would back me up on that too.

You have some learning to do.  Start by learning how to communicate with women better.  I have the feeling you’ve been slapped quite a bit.