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I was talking with someone the other day who feels that fairytale relationships don’t exist and she’d begun to settle for “good enough” at one point.

I told her that I truly felt fairytales endings in relationships existed, but that she was looking at things the wrong way.

Fairytales begin with “Once upon a time” and end with “..lived happily ever after..”.  Those are two massively vague measurements of time, so if you think about it, you should realize that this story is leaving out some intricate details.  Therefore, it could be assumed that the story will touch all of the main points and leave out the small ones like how the prince may have farted while mounting his steed or how Snow White may be allergic to mushrooms and may have once puked on Dopey after he snuck them into her pasta as a joke.  Those details aren’t in there, because when someone were to look back at the years of happiness between the two main characters, they’ll see that they did indeed mainly live a life full of joy..with reality mixed between the beginning and the end.

Sorry for farting earlier, Lightning. It's just so far to jump up..

Perfection is also glazed over in fairytales.  I’m not saying the prince was a horrible kisser or that Snow White had hairy arms, but  if people were perfect, would Rapunzel’s dad have tried stealing the vegetables in the first place?  We don’t see the flaws and the minor details because, like any story, it also depends on the person telling the tale.  Every fairytale has been told in different ways.  Cinderella’s slipper..was it glass or fur?  Did Jack kill the giant himself or did the giant fall?  I also think the Queen from Snow White would tell the story differently, don’t you?  No matter who is telling the story, what we ALWAYS remember is how it started and how it ended.  Everything else is just details.

I believe fairytales exist in terms of a relationship because I feel in is completely possible to live “happily ever after” with someone, as long as you are okay with reality snuggling in nicely between your “Once upon a time..” and your “..happily ever after..”.