Wish you would step back from that ledge my friend..

Anonymous wrote:

Sean,  I have a friend that is what I would call a “jumper”, which is basically someone that jumps from one relationship to another with no break in between.  It’s gotten so bad the last few years that she’s even started overlapping them and starting a new one before the old one has ended.  They are all usually short term, mainly physical, and she picks really shallow and sometimes abusive men.  What advice can you give her to help her understand that what she is doing isn’t normal?  I think she deserves to be happy just like the rest of us, and it just breaks my heart to see her hurt so often.



We all want to see our friends happy, but we also need to realize that they are ultimately going to make their own choices.  If her behavior is bothering you and you’re looking for some understanding as to why your friend may be acting this way, read the blog I just posted on acceptance.  It appears your friend may have some self esteem issues (most relationship “jumpers” do..) as well as some issues that could range from depression to social anxiety.  Maybe she was hurt in the past and is keeping men emotionally locked out and that is why the relationships turn bad.  I can’t really speculate because there could be a ton of possibilities.  In any case, just show her you’re there for her and maybe she’ll open up to you when she feels it’s the right time to change.