Simple Elegance

So I bought the Batter Blaster.  Have you heard of this?  It’s not a home pregnancy tool, it’s not a gooey kids candy…It just may be the coolest food innocation since the Candwich (look it up).  It is organic pancake batter in a pressurized container.  You just shake it up then squirt it out into a pan, cook it like a regular pancake, and enoy!

You may know that I am not really one to go buying preprocessed foods, but this is not only organic, it’s actually healthier than your average “box batter” pancake!  Not only is it quicker and cleaner, it’s also more delicious.  It’s perfection in a can.

Yes, there’s a life lesson here.  Life lessons are often found in breakfast foods, in case you didn’t know.  The lesson is that sometimes there is untold beauty in simplicity. We let our lives get so full of complications that we sometimes fail to notice the simple beauties of our lives…something as simple as kindness shown by a stranger, as innocent as a child laughing, as fun as riding a bike downhill, or as breathtaking as love.

We overlook the simplicity of love.  We get into routines, we take people for granted, and we just let things get comfortable rather than finding the simple beauties in our relationships.  Comfortable is good, but simpicity is better.  Do you remember the last time you cuddled up next to the one you love?  How about the way their hair smelled or the way you held each other? 

Simplicity.  It’s all around us.  And now it’s even in a pressurized container.  Treasure it.