She’s having a baby

Bree wrote:

I have a unique issue.  I just found out I am pregnant and am wondering how to break the news to my husband.  We haven’t really discussed wanting children at this time or being ready for one, so I want to make sure I do this in a way he’ll be okay with.


I don’t think someone is ever fully ready for a child.  Even if you’ve had one or two kids before, a new baby brings a whole new set of rules, laughter, routines, and personality quirks to the mix.  You didn’t answer my email question..I assume he isn’t against having them, but you just hadn’t talked about when the right time would be?

If kids were being discussed at some point, but there was no given timeframe, I would just sit down with him and explain what’s happening/going to happen.  Be open, honest, and direct.  If this is something new for you both, offer to ease the stresses by buying a few baby books for some good knowledge as your terms progress.  If he (or you) already have children, books are still fine but also offer to lead or learn from your husband.  This is a task you need to approach together and teamwork is KEY, so be as patient as possible and ask the same of him.

Just remember that each baby is different and brings an entirely new adventure.  Any parent will tell you that methods that worked with one child don’t always work with another.

Good luck.