In this technologically advanced world, is it bad that I don’t know how Twitter works?

I consider myself pretty plugged in as far as the internet and technology go.  I use ITunes, I know how to “borrow” music online, my phone uses an operating system that I know inside and out, and I even know how to make shark and penguin emoticons in Facebook chat (badass, I know)… but yet, Twitter eludes me.  Call it fear of the unknown if you will.  Most Twittery posts I see have all sorts of jibberish before the message and it concerns me that I will have to learn a whole new way of posting messages.

It also scares me that people would want to know a minute by minute or hour by hour update of what I am up to.  Do people post things like, “Just ate I am gassy” or “Going to go have sex now” as tweets?  If so, who is on the other end just waiting for those updates?  Is there someone out there just staring at their phone thinking, “Damn, my life would be complete if I knew one of my friends had to fart after eating Subway” or “Man, I really hope one of my friends gets lucky and decides to share that with me and the rest of the internet”.    I’d hate to think that our culture has become so information starved.  I’d also hate to think that I am becoming my parents.  It took them years to figure out how to set the clock or timer on their VCR then DVD’s came along and jacked their progress.  This is my DVD.

I closed Twitter’s page.  It made me feel like a Pinto in a world of Priuses.  I’ll stick with my non-tweet techno wizardry thank you.  My transformation into my father is almost complete.  The rest of you Twitter users can now share my posts via Twitter.  Yay technology!