Check it out.

Caysee wrote:

My boyfriend is constantly checking out women in front of me (or making comments about women on TV like, “I’d hit that..”), and it bothers me.  We’ve argued about it before and he said he’s working on it, but it seems like it went in one ear and out the other.  What should I do?



You should let him know that his “checking women out” routine is unacceptable and that you deserve more respect than that.  This is not a “common thing” with guys, nor should it be allowed by women or men in a solid relationship.  Now it may be true that some people check out other people “secretly” as they walk by, and that is bound to happen from time to time, but pointing it out to you or making it obvious is just plain disrespectful.  The TV thing is especially disrespectful.  Who else is around to hear but you?  I’d put your foot down with this guy Caysee.  If he doesn’t start respecting you, find someone who will.