I didn’t shave my legs for this.

'Shaving' with cream and a spoon
Image by suzettesuzette via Flickr

Lauren in CT wrote:

Sean,  I seem to have a dilemma.  I don’t shave my legs and guys don’t like it.  I am 20, have fine blonde hairs that are barely visible, but yet, guys seem to be turned off that I don’t shave my legs.  I just find it a time consuming, consumer driven marketing ploy to make women feel beautiful so I stopped doing it.  I still shave my armpits though.  Should I go back to shaving my legs too or am I right in doing what I want to do?



While you are right in doing what you want to do, let me pose this a different way.  Would you think it was normal if you were the only one shaving and everyone else had beards and leg/armpit hair?  We live in a society (and this is NOT a modern fad) that equates shaving to cleanliness and cleanliness to health and better living.  There may be people out there that are okay with a woman with hairy legs (just as there may be women out there that want a man with a full beard), but the truth is, there aren’t many.  Another question, do you shave your armpits but not your legs?  I don’t see the difference there..

Anyway, you can do what you wish, but you should be also okay with others not being okay with what you’ve chosen to do.  Sometimes when we do things outside the norm, people notice.  Who knows?  Maybe you’ll start a revolution and everyone will start walking around looking like fuzzy French people.