Cell issues

Mona wrote:

So I’ve had this boyfriend for three months.  Everything was perfect until about two weeks ago when he went on this last minute vacation.  He told me he was going to visit his sister in Florida and that his phone didn’t work down there.  That sounded suspicious so I checked Verizon’s website and coverage was perfect on their map, but I gave him the benefit of the doubt.  He left and I didn’t hear from him for 6 days.  I called him a few times, texted, etc., and got no response.  He didn’t even bother calling when he got back and was in the airport.

Since then, he hasn’t been as into talking as we used to be (we talked daily), and he isn’t as excited about our relationship as he used to be (he suddenly has these “concerns” for our future).  I am assuming something happened down there in Florida and he isn’t wanting to tell me about it.  What do you think?



I don’t think something “just happened” there in Florida.  I think this guy went to Florida to make something happen!  Why would this vacation come up so suddenly?  Why does his cell phone magically not work (which is SO rare these days to have it out of service inside the continental US)?  And if you’d talked before and been both excited about a future and now he’s doubting things and not wanting to talk?  It doesn’t matter if there is someone else, if he had a change of heart, or if he’s just moving on..it appears to be over.  It’s time you leave this sinking ship with your dignity.  Who uses cell issues as an excuse these days?  It’s like someone running out of gas and saying they couldn’t find a gas station.