When I kiss your mouth..

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Billy? Is that you?

Steph wrote:

I am 16 and the guy I am seeing is 17, we’ve been dating exclusively for 3 months and recently got into a huge disagreement about a week ago because my boyfriend cheated on me, well kind of, according to him.  Here’s the story.  My boyfriend and I were at a party and another guy that goes to our high school approached us and said he’d give my boyfriend a BJ if my boyfriend gave him some alcohol.  My boyfriend agreed and disappeared on me, despite the fact that I told him it was cheating.

I left and he called me the next morning and said while a mouth is a mouth, it’s not cheating if it’s with the same sex.  I am still pissed at him and haven’t spoken to him all week because I feel like I was cheated on.  What do you think?  Also, is my boyfriend gay?



Holy Lord, is this what happens at parties now days?  There was drinking and sex at a few parties I attended while growing up, but I don’t ever remember it getting like THAT.  Wow.  Times have changed.

Your boyfriend and you are both right.  When your boyfriend said, a “mouth is a mouth”, he was absolutely correct and I am glad he managed to keep that tidbit of knowledge from Kindergarten science.  When you felt it was cheating, you are right, because while a mouth is a mouth, if it’s your boyfriend and someone else’s mouth is anywhere on him, it’s cheating (unless it’s CPR..then I’ll allow it).  Even kissing is cheating in my book.  Is he gay?  No.  Bisexual maybe, but not gay just from that.  Either way, you were cheated on.

The other thing I’d like to add to all of this is maybe you need to take a good look at the people you and your possibly ex-boyfriend hang out with.  That other guy prostituted himself for some alcohol.  This won’t end in a good way.  I’d try to distance yourself from that crowd as soon as you possibly can.

Finally, get yourself tested for STDs ASAP.  If your boyfriend did that with you present, what is he doing when you’re not there?  Chances are his unit has more germs on it than a shopping cart at Wal-Mart.  Ick.