Psycho Ex

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"My hobby is stuffing know..taxidermy."

Maggie wrote:


I was dating a guy for about a year when he cheated on me and we broke up.  The girl he cheated on me with ended up leaving him for another guy and now he is doing the “super jealous ex” thing.  He always figures out where I am and shows up, he calls in the middle of the night yelling and crying, and he tries to start stuff with the guys I spend time with.  How do I tell him I am done and to leave me alone?



Restraining orders work nicely.  This guy sounds like a nutjob.  For some guys, dating someone is a pride and status thing and when the relationships they are in end, they expect the woman to come running back saying things like, “Oh, I just couldn’t live without you!”  Lame.  These guys are often burdened with other issues such as low self-esteem, abuse issues, sexuality problems, etc., and rather than figure things out, they are too stubborn (as most guys are) to change.  Delete him from Facebook and block your wall posts on friend’s pages too.  He may be reading them if he uses Facebook and using the info to figure out where you are.  Better yet, have your friends all block or delete him.  Don’t let him affect you either while out.  If he acts up, get security to toss him out.  If he calls, don’t answer or block his number.  It’s easy to make someone disappear from your life if you want to, you just need to be thorough when doing it.