Hold it all together.

This is a combination restaurant review and editorial and it’s the first time I’ve tried to combine the two, so bear with me here..it may be like mixing milk and Pepsi.

I already want another one.

I ate this.  It’s called a Steeburger Deluxe, though a more fitting name for it would be “Plate Full of Awesome”.  It’s a burger topped with pulled pork, a special BBQ sauce, cheddar and jack cheeses, bacon, and coleslaw (I have never though of coleslaw and BBQ being a combo I’d want in my mouth but this is mindblowing).  Interestingly enough, you won’t find it in some hip urban bistro, you’ll find it in Hudson, Wisconsin at the Agave Kitchen, one of my favorite places to eat.

There are three levels.  The first two offer a more relaxed restaurant atmosphere (the 2nd level is actually a balcony overlooking the bar) while the third offers more of a casual, bar-type atmosphere.  They all offer the same food, but I prefer the first and second levels.  Beer is inexpensive and Agave offers a decent selection, but if brew isn’t your thing, they have plenty of house original mixed drinks and the full bar to mix up the oldies but goodies too.  All in all, Agave Kitchen offers a great dining experience and if you get the chance, I’d urge you to head over to try it out.  If you stay the night in Hudson, check out San Pedro Caribbean Cafe for breakfast.  You’ll be thankful you did.

View from the balcony

So where’s the editorial?  Read on..

See that huge toothpick up there?  That’s what held my massive beast of a sandwich all together.  Yes, this small pillar of wood made eating my sandwich without wearing it possible.  Funny how something so small, yet so strong and steadfast in it’s placement, could hold together my giant sandwich.  It’s like the loved ones in our lives.  They remain there, sometimes hidden by all of the other events going on around us, and sometimes out in plain site.  They hold us together, they support our efforts, they bear our burdens, and they remain dedicated to our happiness.  Take that toothpick out of the sandwich and it all falls apart.  I tried it,  and the next thing I knew I was eating the damn thing like a salad.

If we take those people that love us out of our lives or if we drive them away, we’ll often times be left with a chaotic mess that we may not be able to handle.  Don’t take people for granted.  See the value in everyone in your life, be there for them as well, and remind them of their worth.  You’ll be glad you did.