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Tilly wrote:


I think I was played by a guy I was seeing for awhile now but I need to see if you agree.  I’ve been seeing this guy for 6 months.  We go out, we sleep together, and we do “relationship things”, but he still talks to his “ex” every night (she’s in China for two years).  I was friends with both of them when she was here and when she left, this guy said they broke up and that he wanted to move on.  I’d always found him attractive, so I gave in and went for it.  Now I look at his FB and it says he’s single on his FB page.  Am I crazy or is he playing me and using me for sex?



You played yourself.  No one played you.  You appear to have been SO attracted to the possibility of something happening with this guy that when his GF took off for China, you gave in to the first opportunity you were offered to jump this guy’s bones.  Now, you’re realizing that he is most likely a scumbag…don’t kid yourself..if he’s talking to his “ex” every night, it’s not his ex.  They didn’t break up, she’s just away and he is looking to fill his void..or yours.  Anyway, get out of this.  Tell your female friend what’s up too.  It may end your friendship, but wouldn’t you rather have her know than just have awkwardness and have this douchebag of a guy keep cheating on her?