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Elisa wrote:

I think my boyfriend is obsessed with porn.  He has tubs and tubs of magazines and DVDs that I just found while we were moving in together, and it’s kind of freaking me out.  What do I do?



Confront him.  Porn obsession isn’t healthy and can actually signify a deeper psychological issue than just a need to clean the pipes, so to speak.  I am not saying porn is bad, but I am saying too much of it, like anything in life, is bad.  He could be a sex addict or even have other issues that may need addressing.  Just sit him down and let him know what you found and why YOU feel it’s a problem.  Ask him to be open with you and see if it is a larger issue or if it’s just a bunch of crap he’s managed to collect over the years.  If it’s the latter, just have a big bonfire or give the trash guys a big bonus.