Rugs and how to pull them..

Rugs on sale in Erode, India.

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Gene wrote:


A am a 44 year old male who, after dating a woman for 8 months, asked her to marry me and she said yes.  We bought a house together and started working on the wedding plans, until one day when I caught her messaging another man who she ended up confessing she’d been seeing on and off for 2 years.  I told her I needed some time to think and I stayed at a friend’s for two weeks, but when I returned, she had already sold the house to a friend and had moved in with the guy she had basically been cheating on me with.

I don’t get it.  Everything seemed perfect yet, I can’t help but wonder if I missed some signs along the way.  Was I just blind or was her decision to leave me something she’d just been really good at hiding?


We don’t always see what we need to see.  If we did, car accidents would be non-existent and we’d always catch cancer early.  The rug was pulled out from under your feet in this case, and while there may have been signs pointing to the eventual outcome, you didn’t see them.  It’s not going to help wondering about the “whys” or “what ifs” at this point.  She’s deceitful and cold hearted.  You deserve better than you had and you’ll find it.  You just need to get back on your feet and figure out how to move on.