Hey jealousy

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Dana wrote:


My boyfriend doesn’t get jealous.  I hang out with guys and talk to them on the phone and he doesn’t get mad at all.  Does this mean he isn’t as serious about me as I thought?  Shouldn’t he care enough to get upset that I am hanging out with all of these guys?


Since when does jealousy equal love and respect in a relationship?  If he trusts you, he trusts you.  Don’t push this issue or give him any reason not to trust you.  If you’re truly friends with these other guys, he knows it and is okay with it.  If you’re letting lines of friendship get blurry and he finds out, I hope you’re ready for the consequences..the sky will come crashing down and he’ll hold you solely responsible.  As a guy, I am pretty trusting and laid back when it comes to things like this, but if there is one sliver of discomfort in there, it blows everything to pieces.  If the guys are sending you flirty texts, you’re flirting with them, etc., put an end to it if you want to keep this guy.  Non-jealous guys are hard to find.  Jealousy gets ugly, but distrust is uglier.