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Text Message Notifications
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Jerry wrote


I was recently broken up with by text message.  We were having an argument by text and she texted back that we were done.  Can she do that?  Isn’t that taking the easy way out?



Can she do that?  She did.  Is it taking the easy way out?  Well yeah, but so is arguing by text.  Neither one of you had the decency to have a face to face disagreement or AT LEAST call each other, so why would you be surprised to see a relationship like this end by text?  A disagreement or a differing of opinion can often go downhill if messages aren’t clear and texting isn’t meant to be an precision messaging means.  It’s a general, quick, easy way of sending a general message.

You both screwed up.  Have you even tried calling her since then?  Get the thumb off of your phone, the other thumb out of your ass, and call her.  Maybe talking will do you some good.