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Dirk wrote:

So this girl tried “friending” me on Facebook and I ignored her at first, but after checking out her profile, I think she seems pretty cool.  She and I don’t really have any friends in common, but it appears she knows people I used to work with.  Is it common for strangers to “add” people on Facebook, and if so, how do you go about having a conversation with them?



Facebook is a social network.  Some people haven’t gotten that yet and seem to think it’s a place to shield themselves from people they don’t know, which is absolutely ridiculous.  Strangers “friend me” all of the time.  I am cautious about who I add, but I feel that NETWORK is the strongest part of the “social network” aspect.  You may not know people, but as a result of “being out there” on the internet, you’re able to be found and able to be added as a friend.  People may want to get to know you or be a fan of something you’re a fan of.  The main point is to keep it friendly.  If you don’t want to add them, just deny them and send a message like, “Thanks for the request, but I am not accepting new friend requests at this time.”  Be general, non-offensive, and polite.

As far as talking to this girl that you’ve taken interest in, I’d just send her an email and attempt to get to know her before adding her as a friend.  Ask her more information about herself (maybe how she knows your work buddies too?), and go from there.  If you’re single, social networking is a great place to expand your network of friends.