Aaliyah was wrong..

Age Ain't Nothing but a Number
See that Creepy guy in the background? R. Kelly..

Krista wrote:


I read your article on dating older people and I have a similar situation that I think you can shed some light on.  I am 17 years old (yes, still a virgin until marriage in case you were wondering), and I have been talking to this guy for 3 months.  His name is Erik.  Erik and I have the most wonderful conversations and we are intimate, but we don’t have sex.  Here’s the thing.  Erik is 29.  He and I have this mutual vibe though, like fate, like we were meant to be together.  My parents don’t know I am still dating him, they forbid me from ever seeing him, but I am drawn to him.  What’s different is, he even said when my parents got upset that maybe they were right and maybe it would be best if I didn’t see him, but then he said he couldn’t live without me.  He even tried dating someone else, but said she didn’t compare.

I don’t really know what to do.  Part of me wants to just run away with him and make everything allright, but I don’t know if that will ever be the case.  Help!




Aaliyah was wrong when she sang, “age ain’t nothin’ but a number”.  She should know..she was rumored to have been illegally married to R Kelly who was almost 15 years older than she was.  Age is a number and in this case, it makes your guy creepy.  It appears as if he’s playing the “Edward card” in all of this.  I am assuming you’ve seen Twilight?  Edward is always telling Bella how he feels so close to her but how hard it is to be with her..and Bella is a dumbass for believing him.  The resulting mindf*ck is what makes her want him.  She’s a teen who simply gets addicted to what she can’t (or shouldn’t) have.  It appears as if this guy pulled the “Edward card” on you and you fell the same way Bella did.

Vampires and R&B singers aside, the point I am making is, there are rules out there for a reason.  It’s simply illegal to be involved sexually (that doesn’t mean just sex) with someone like the guy you’re with when you’re living life at the age you are.  You haven’t developed mentally or physically yet.  Give yourself time to grow as a person and let him go date people his own age.  Think about it..when he’s 45, you’ll be in your mid 30’s.  If you want children then, do you think he’ll have the energy to help raise them?  You need to get over this Twilight type romance, and get on living your life as a 17 year old.  Don’t run away with him, just let him go.  You’ll be happy you did in the long run.


P.S.- Allright is either “all right” or “alright”.  Some help for your next HS grammar lesson.