Casting a line

Angling with a rod.
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Scott wrote:


I was wondering if you have any good pick up lines.  I haven’t had much luck lately, but I’ve noticed you seem to know women pretty well.  Can you share some with me?




Pick up lines?  I don’t have any, and I don’t recommend that anyone use them.  Your key to meeting someone is being yourself and having a normal conversation.  A line is like a lure of sorts, but think about how awful any woman would feel knowing they were lured into talking with you.  You can have a regular conversation with anyone you meet and find things in common with them, then turn that into more conversations, then form a relationship from there.  All it takes is some balls, some hope, and an honest attempt at getting to know someone.  Meeting someone isn’t about pick up lines or being’s about being real and establishing a solid connection and having good communication.