Star striking

Johnny Depp during the Paris premiere of Publi...
Damn you and your smirk Mr Depp.

“Fred” wrote:


My wife is really into Johnny Depp.  She is so into him that she keeps pictures of him in our kitchen, and one on her desk at work so she can “talk” to him during a bad day.  I keep thinking I am a whiny guy for feeling neglected or weird about her having pictures of Mr Depp at her desk, but to me, it’s a big deal.  What are your thoughts on this?




I have seen this with both males and females alike.  People lust after someone that is so untouchable, yet try to make their attraction to that person so real that it eventually becomes disruptive to the other people in that person’s life.  For example, I once had a friend that was enamored with Tyra Banks.  Every time she was on TV, he’d say things like, “Oooh, I’d hit that.”  He’d even say it when his fiancee was sitting right next to him.  It made me feel weird and after seeing her reactions, I know it made her feel weird too.

The TV show Friends tried to make this type of thing acceptable with their “freebie list”, but in all reality, it’s promoting dysfunction.  Am I saying it’s wrong to feel attracted to a star?  Not at all.  What I am saying is, it’s unacceptable to constantly vocalize it or give visuals.  Just as the “I’d hit that” comment would make most people squirm if it was a constant thing, putting Johnny Depp pictures up all over your cubicle or kitchen is kind of childish. It’s almost like that girl in high school that had the NSync crap all over her locker.

Of course, you can’t really say it like that to your have to be gentle here.  Just explain to her that it makes you uncomfortable and you’d like it to stop.  Have a conversation and let her know how you feel about everything and hopefully, she’ll understand.  If not, I know a guy that has a shoebox of Tyra Banks pictures you can have.