Parental units.

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Jessica wrote:

Sean, I’ve been with my boyfriend for two years.  We met here in college and two years later,  we’re still  in a loving relationship.  We’re both 20, we have no real issues, but I’ve recently begun birth control because we started a sexual relationship as well.  My parents are STRIIIICT Catholics and this will cause quite a ruckus if I tell them.  They technically don’t even know I am dating.  How do I do this?




Have you ever eaten a hotdog?  Do you know what’s in them?  I do.  The reason I ask is, when I order a hotdog, the server doesn’t say, “Oh, just so you know, that hotdog comes along with some fat, nitrates, animal parts, some onion that we’ve had sitting in a container for a few days too long, and an order of fries that have been cooked in week old fat.”  Why don’t they say that?  Because it’s too much information.  I don’t need to know that to enjoy my hotdog.

The same thing applies with how you talk to your parents.  You wouldn’t go home and introduce your boyfriend and say, “This is John.  He and I are in a relationship and we have sex like rabbits every single night.  I’m also on the pill, so at least there’s that bit of smart thinking.”
On the same note, they don’t tell you of their sexual exploits every morning at breakfast either.  Why?  No one needs to know.

Chances are, you will introduce them to your boyfriend and they’ll ask him what he does and how you two get along.  The rest is just too much information.  If you’re away at college, be away at college.  Your pills stay with you or in your dorm.  Most times, parents don’t want to know that stuff..they won’t show up for surprise dorm inspections, and if they do, that’s just plain weird.