Senior couple on cycle ride
This bike ride would be easier if our damn handlebars weren't stuck together...

Petra wrote:


I noticed you used to work out alot.  Do you still do this?  If so, I have some advice to ask.  I have been dating a wonderful guy for just over 6 months, but the problem I am finding is that I do not work out as much as I used to when I was single.  Due to my time off at the gym, I have also gained 7 pounds and I don’t feel as healthy as I once was.

I love spending time with my boyfriend and we have an incredible relationship.  How do I balance that with increasing my workout times to stay healthy?



I could swear I’ve answered a post like this before, but I couldn’t locate it when I looked back, so I’ll go ahead and answer this as well.  Why is it hard for some people to see that there is no need to draw a line between being healthy and a having relationship?  When you were single, it was working out to stay “marketable” but now it’s just to keep the attention on you, right?  Well, when you were single, you had more free time because you were..well, single.  Relationships take work and need “together time”, so your free time has scaled back a bit.  However, the fix for this is a great way to spend time together and still pursue an active and healthy lifestyle:  Bring your boyfriends an girlfriends to the gym and work out together!

You don’t have to “spot” each other or anything.  She can be on a treadmill while you lift weights, but enjoy the gym time together!  You can spend more time there or go more frequently, and you’ll still feel like you’re spending time doing activities you both enjoy.  Now, the only drawback to this would be if your boyfriend isn’t into the gym at all and is really unhealthy.  In this instance, it may be just having a talk with him and letting him know that you’d like him to join you on your excursions so you can both be healthy together.

You don’t always have to go together, but if you can make time to enjoy something like this together, it’ll help you both out.

And yes, I still try to be healthy.  I am moving shortly (I GOT THE HOUSE), so I am between gyms, but I’ll be back on track within a month.