Tough post today

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Dick wrote:


Have you found God?  From some of the things you write, I assume you are mainly of a Christian upbringing but seem to have lost your way.  I think if you let God make more of your decisions and let God speak through you when you’re giving advice, you’d be better off in life.  He is our rock and will destroy all sinners.  I emplore you Sean, find God.  He is waiting for you.


You forced me into a rough spot here.  I try to leave religion out of the blog because I believe everyone is entitled to believe what they wish.  Yes, I was raised Christian, but I was also one of the kids that debated with clergy on the translations in the modern Bible.  Did you ever read the Koran or the Torah, Dick?  I have.  It’s all basically the same story, with slight twists on heroes, villains, and background characters.  It’s kind of like when a movie says “based on a true story”’s embellished a bit and stuff gets changed, but it’s all for entertainment value.

I consider myself spiritual.  Do I believe in a higher power?  Yes.  Do I believe that that higher power is the Christian God?  No, I believe it is all the same guy upstairs, we just got our stories mixed up along the way.  I also do not believe that by doing absolutely nothing in life and turning my life over to God for him to control me like a radio controlled car is possible.  If I lost my arm, praying isn’t going to make it grow back.  Many people in this world today seem to have gotten the wrong idea about God.  I can follow principles and belief structures, but I fully believe I have a mind of my own and I have to use my free will to understand those belief structures and not be mindless in how I choose to believe.

I don’t judge other people for their religious beliefs.  I don’t try to convert people to other religions.  I don’t tell people that God doesn’t exist.  I don’t do these things because I feel that free will and a personal understanding of your inner belief structures are what lead you to gaining a better tolerance of the world around you.  If you follow blindly, you’re more than likely going to judge others try to force them to believe what you believe rather than just be a compassionate human being.  Islam, Judaism, and Christianity all preach peace in their teachings but if we follow modern teachings blindly, we end up in groups that often times are practicing anything BUT peace.

I’ve found my God.  I never lost him.  I’m sorry you feel yours is different than the rest of ours.