Don’t fear the reaper

grim reaper
Wow..much smaller than I expected.

Shara wrote:

Are you afraid of death?  I am terrified of it.




No, I don’t fear death at all.  I also don’t think it’s something to mourn for very long.  We’re all put here on this planet with an expiration a can of green beans in the grocery store of life.  Along the way we get picked up, put down, dropped, dented and dinged-up, and eventually we all expire.

I don’t fear death because I don’t think life is about looking at that death and realizing your own expiration date.  I think life is about being the best person you can be to the largest possible number of people.  Hopefully, when your time comes, you will be remembered fondly with laughs and happy memories rather than tears and sorrow.  Loss is something we deal with everyday.  It can be a lost love, a lost opportunity, or even hairloss.  Rather than focusing on everything we lose each day, we look at the larger picture.  You know you’ll love again.  You know better opportunities come along.  You know there is Rogaine at the store.  Every end has a beginning and it’s your job to leave behind a great beginning for someone else to be inspired by.

Death is only an end for one person at a time.  The legacy we leave behind is the beginning for many more.