Danger sign: Unprotected fall hazard

Sam wrote:

I have been having troubles with my boyfriend as of late and have recently noticed a guy at work has shown interest in me.  Do you think this is a sign I should leave my boyfriend and go for the new guy?


Sometimes signs aren’t always obvious.  While you may be having troubles with your boyfriend, I hardly think this is a sign telling you to leave him, nor do I think its a sign to go for the new guy.

If you believe in signs, you essentially have to be open to a whole world of possibilities.  What is this new guy is a sign you should be working on your relationship with your boyfriend?  What if its a sign that you should work on improving relationships with your father?  What if its a sign you’re running low on cat litter?

While the last one may have been a stretch, it illustrates my point, which is, the meaning of a sign is all in the eyes of whoever is looking for one.  My advice to you is to work on things with your boyfriend.  Things may be bad, but looking for justification to leave him is just as bad.  Hopefully you two can work things out.