Good boyfriend’s handbook

Chris wrote:

You seem like a good guy.  Is there like a “good boyfriend’s handbook” you follow?  Can you share with the rest of us?




There isn’t a book out there (though I should make one), so I have posted the top 25 things a good boyfriend should do.  At the bottom of the post is a list of 5 things a BAD boyfriend does, as a comparison.

1.  Be honest with her, but always make her feel beautiful.

2.  Kiss her before going to sleep.

3.  Keep communication open and don’t be afraid to take a stand on important issues.

4.  Know how to fix things and offer to help her when she needs something fixed.

5.  Stay calm.  She may freak out about piddly things at times, but it’s best if you just stay calm and collected.

6.  When she asks you what you’re thinking, don’t respond with, “Nothing.”

7.  Shower regularly and keep your room clean.

8.  If you can’t afford to take her on a date, be imaginative and romantic..and you’ll find all sorts of fun free things to do.

9.  Know what things she likes and doesn’t like.

10.  Learn how to cook.

11.  Don’t criticize her drink choices or musical tastes.

12.  Learn from your mistakes.  Know what makes her upset and avoid doing those if at all possible.

13.  Dress appropriately.  A Vikings jersey is not appropriate fine dining attire.

14.  Ask her opinion and don’t talk down to her.

15.  Take the time to explain anything she shows interest in.

16.  Learn to laugh at yourself.

17.  Hold her hand.

18.  She may at some point fart on you in your sleep.  Just take it….just take one for the team.

19.  Respect her and respect her family.

20.  Always let her know how important she is to you.

21.  Offer to take care of her when she’s sick.

22.  Watch a “chick flick” without complaining.

23.  Learn what she’s afraid of.  If it’s spiders, kill them.

24.  Make her laugh.

25.  Take at least one picture with her.



1.  Be secretive and show poor communication skills.

2.  Ignore her when the game is on.

3.  Make fun of her in front of your guy friends.

4.  Tell her you don’t like what she’s wearing.

5.  Make her feel that the things she likes aren’t as important as the things you like.